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NOTE: Images on this page are not part of the archive and are not in the public domain.

NEW! You can now support the archive on Patreon. This will allow you to see certain images of interest before they appear in the archive. Depending on the tier you choose, you may also get the opportunity to have input on the direction and future of the archive.

Alternatively, you can now buy products with a selection of these photos on them in the official gear shop! The Floyd R. Whitmore Photography shop on CafePress is still in development, but you can find gifts for yourself or others such as keepsake boxes, tile coasters, buttons, magnets, t-shirts, and more. Prices are mostly set by CafePress, but I will get about a dollar per item sold which I can use to pay for costs associated with the archive.

Click here to buy products that will help keep the archive online!


If you prefer to make a monetary donation (even though this will be just to me, not to a nonprofit organization, and thus won't be tax deductible), please see my donations page on my personal site. Please let me know that your donation is for this archive!

As stated on the Introduction page, this site is owned and operated by Stuart J. Whitmore. I may earn from qualifying purchases and actions on other sites that may be linked to from this site if an affiliate program is offered by the other site(s). These earnings are typically very low, do not increase your cost, and will generally go toward ongoing Web hosting costs.

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